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Atsutomo Hino / Photographer, Filmmaker

After graduating from Keio University (Law), worked as an office worker and then at Iino Media Pro.
After that, he studied under Shingo Wakagi and became an independent photographer and filmmaker.

“His portfolio includes portraits, snaps, landscapes, and many other genres of photography (including video works). What runs through the entire work is a pure look at the world and the strength of the photographs.”
(Editor-in-Chief Demachi's review in Commercial Photo, June 2023 issue)

He entered the world of photography in 2017. In the same year, he worked in a studio for 3 years, where he learned practically all lighting methods in graphic advertising and editorial. He studied under Shingo Wakagi for 3 years and 3 months from December 2019, and will become independent in March 2023.

While at the studio he learned the harshness of life in commercials, under Mr. Wakagi he learned the hope of life in commercials.

日野敦友 / 写真家  映像作家 

慶應義塾大学大学院 (法)を修了後、会社員を経て、イイノ・メディアプロに勤務。その後、若木信吾氏に師事し、写真家・映像作家として独立。

(コマーシャル・フォト2023年6月号 出町編集長 評)



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